The Crown, tile plate, after Japanese woodcut by Kono Bairei, 1906 (Coll. Meentwijck)

Although the porcelain envisaged in the factory name was never produced, De Kroon produced high-quality earthenware in the less than three years of the factory's existence. This quality was guaranteed by the ingenious painter Henri Breetvelt. Read more about De Kroon.

E.N.K.K. tile plate, river view in Delft Blue (coll. Bert-Jan Baas)

In 1901, a team of porcelain painters trained in Germany founded a factory in Kampen, which, with its tile pictures and tableaux, fully responded to the then great demand for Delft representations, i.e. river and mill views in sepia and Delft Blue. The factory would only exist for two years. The Ceramics Museum Goedewaagen offers a collection of 12 objects, unique in the Netherlands, on loan from the collection of Bert-Jan Baas.

Tjallingii, Harlingen, proverbs board, diam. 29.8 cm; coll. Righard Atsma.

The objective of the foundation Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen, established in November 1989, was the study and presentation of Dutch ceramics from the Industrial Revolution onwards, i.e. from 1880. This objective did not do justice to the fact that the artists and manufacturers of the period around 1900, like their kindred spirits in England, consciously harked back to the crafts of the late Middle Ages and early Modern Times in reaction to the blunting of mass production in the industrial age. And to do justice to this Arts and Crafts movement phenomenon, the museum has also expanded its collection with early Frisian pottery thanks to a valuable loan.

Goedewaagen, Art Déco tile tableau, design Dick Kikkert, c. 1933 (coll. Bert-Jan Baas)

Voor Royal Goedewaagen ontwierp de later in Amsterdam werkzame binnenhuisarchitect Dick Kikkert uiteenlopende keramiek. Eén van de meest aansprekende ontwerpen van zijn hand is een Art Déco-tableau dat vanaf ca 1933 behoorde lange tijd tot de collectie van het Kunstatelier Goedewaagen-Distel. Het Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen kreeg in december 2015 dit tableau weer in bruikleen, ditmaal van verzamelaar Bert-Jan Baas.