Frequently asked questions about the Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen

The Goedewaagen Ceramics Museum has not had its own purchasing budget since 2008. In principle, therefore, the museum does not purchase anything. However, photographs of pieces of interest to the collection can be sent to collectors who are closely connected to the museum. Sometimes, after purchase, they are made available to the museum as a long-term loan by befriended collectors.

The collection of the Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen has grown considerably in recent years. This is partly due to the special tax opportunities associated with donations to a museum recognised as a charity by the tax authorities. As of June 2011, the ANBI-regulation is applicable to the museum. Further information about donations can be obtained from the executive committee of the foundation:

The Goedewaagen Ceramics Museum does not have salaried staff. The museum works with volunteers. In view of the continuing professionalisation of the museum and the growth of the museum work, there is always room for motivated volunteers. See volunteers wanted page for more information.

Schoolchildren who want to produce assignments as part of educational projects are free to use the newsletters published on the site, which can be downloaded as PDF files. Photos can also be requested at School classes and groups of art enthusiasts can also subscribe to a special programme of lessons, see museum lessons.