Friends' campaign 2015


As a relatively small museum that is not structurally subsidised by any government, the Stichting Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen is primarily dependent for its income on the proceeds from admission, guided tours, workshops and, in addition, on gifts and bequests from the friends of our museum. You know the museum founded in 1989 as a ceramic centre bustling with activity that presents a large number of exhibitions every year, which time and again demonstrate the intensive research carried out by various study groups of ceramic documentalists and committed collectors affiliated to the museum.

For the third time in succession, the museum is rewarding its friends with a unique annual premium. This time it is ceramist and museum employee Anneke Lutz, known to thousands of participants of the guided tours she gives through the museum and factory workshops of the Royal Goedewaagen ceramics factory, who is providing the 2015 annual gift.

Anneke Lutz turns two types of vases in her studio in Mussel, Westerwold. She 'paints' them with an abstract expressive decor with a fairy-like yellow lustre fire. Over the past four years, in close collaboration with chemist and ceramics collector Bert-Jan Baas, she has conducted extensive research into the art glazes produced by various Dutch potteries and ceramics pioneers in the period 1895-1950. The photographs in this newsletter do not do justice to the ever-changing splendour of the vases.

When transferring an amount of € 100 or more to IBAN: NL33 RABO 0360 777090 - BIC: RABONL2U you can, as a museum friend, choose model 1 or 2. Please mention this on the transfer form: donation 2015 - 1 or 2. And of course it is always possible to order the special annual premiums of 2013 - Goedewaagen's Drenthe vase by Sander Alblas - or of 2014 - the barrel organ miniature in the version by Joan Seyferth and Antje Ramaker.

And to clarify, the museum foundation operates entirely independently from the Royal Goedewaagen earthenware factory. The exhibition rooms and the depot are rented from the factory. The museum does not pay salaries. In 2010, the appointment of chairman of the board M. Hendrikse started a professionalisation process which resulted, among other things, in the acquisition of the ANBI status, file 79683. As a result of this recognition, the museum has received several important ceramic donations and legacies since 2011. We could very much use your help for 2015:

  • Conversion of a new room as a museum gallery.
  • A shortened German-language website of the museum.
  • Acquisition and restoration fund.
  • New cash register and cash machine on recognition as an official museum.
  • Publication of a yearbook to document ongoing museum research.

Your donation is welcome on Rabobank IBAN: NL33 RABO 0360 777090 - BIC: RABONL2U.