News Archive 2019

  • Powerpoint lectures on 17 February on Utrecht Art Nouveau and knitting in art
    Thanks to two large donations of Utrecht Art Nouveau, the Goedewaagen Ceramics Museum is the only Dutch museum that can permanently present a large overview of the Faience Factory 'Holland' from the period 1896-1902. On Sunday afternoon 17 February, curator Friggo Visser will highlight the importance of this Utrecht production in a national and international perspective in a powerpoint lecture.

    Textile artist Constance Willems, known for her one-off research into images of knitting in the visual arts, will give a lecture on the intriguing way in which knitting has been depicted in a wide variety of works of art throughout the world for more than five centuries. The internationally renowned artist, who now lives and works in Haren, recently reconstructed historical knits, from Piet Hein's socks to the mourning dress of ten-year-old Princess Wilhelmina.

    Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen, Glaslaan 29, 5921 GG Nieuw Buinen. Entrance € 5 p.p.; free for donators.

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    Ornamental vases 'Holland' Utrecht, in style Chinese grave bronzes, 1898
    Knitted reconstruction of mourning dress Princess Wilhelmina in 1890 by Constance Willems